About Us

PCH group is an interior and exterior design company has established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 1979 with a long service who delivers high-quality workmanship specialized in designs for homes, villas, hotels, etc. we seek to provide you with all your needs in your daily life. So our branches are in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain, Damascus especially to help you to get your goals.
PCH staff is composed of administrators, engineers and workers, so we provide the best ways to enjoy relaxation.
PCH group is a range of companies including:
- Alataya for construction works.
- PCH (Persian Carpets House) for handmade carpet works.
- PCH (Peerless Concept House) for interior decoration works.
- Art wood for wooden decoration works and furniture.
Wherever you are you can achieve your dreams of your place, this is why we have implemented many projects in different countries around the world such as Dubai, Nairobi, Masqat, Uzbekistan, etc.

Our Process

Process 1

0 1 Identify the client's requirements

Usually it is by holding a meeting with the client to know his requirements and to identify the design style he prefers and to put the initial points for the design that he aspires to.

0 2 Submission of initial proposals

After reviewing and studying the client's requirements carefully, the design team submits preliminary design proposals which is a presentation that contains images of designs as requested by the client Plus an initial architectural plan and furniture plan to work on.

Process 2
Process 1

0 3 Transform requirements for designs

Following the adoption of the initial proposals, our team is designing the space on a three-dimensional basis that allows the client to see the design as close as possible to reality and present a complete file with multiple corner shots to see all the spaces that have been designed.

0 4 Preparation of shop drawings

This stage begins after the customer has approved the design and is created by a group Integrated executive layouts that include all the details required for a process Implementation

Process 2
Process 1

0 5 Material Description and pricing:

Create complete configuration tables for the materials used in the designs with their quantities And implementation rates

0 6 Implementation

the company is responsible for realizing your dreams of images and plans and moving them to reality, and provides you with full implementation services until the key is collected

Process 2

Our Team